Monthly Board meetings take place on Monday evenings from 7- 9 pm (typically on the last Monday of each month) and are open to members of the public. 

The board has three standing committees and meetings are generally open to the public: 

  • Membership Outreach & Inclusion Committee
  • Strategy & Finance Committee
  • Personnel & Policy Committee 

Due to COVID-19 all meetings are taking place virtually until further notice.

For information on how to participate contact Susanne Burkhardt, Executive Director at [email protected] / 416-461-5392.

2022 Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

2022/2023 Board Members

  • Andre Riolo
  • Eadit Rokach (Vice-Chair)
  • Hamdi Abdo
  • Jim Valentine (Chair)
  • Michelle Aarts (TDSB representative)
  • Moneca Yardley (Treasurer)
  • Paula Fletcher (City Council representative)
  • Shirin Karim
  • Simone Hodgson
  • Susan Munn (Secretary)
  • Vai Teng Law

Board Meeting Packages

Each package contains the meeting agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and other meeting materials.

To request previous Board packages please email [email protected] or call 416-461-8143.